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Carbon footprint for plastic pellets

Location :
Pathum Thani, Thailand
Industry :
Production of recycled plastic pellets
Service :
Carbon footprint of product


Green and Blue Planet Solutions Co., Ltd. (GBP) was tasked with calculating the carbon footprint of plastic pellet products for a client engaged in plastic pellet manufacturing. Specifically, our client aim was to assess the carbon footprint of products derived from waste plastic yarn, comparing it with those made from non-recycled raw materials. This comparison came to serve as a guideline for the client to potentially adopt recycled raw materials in the future, thereby reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Approach:

A crucial step in this process involved meeting with the client to prepare and gather data comprehensively. This included understanding the recycled plastic pellet production process from the acquisition of raw materials to their transportation to the final destination. Our operations adhere to international standards, particularly ISO 14044:2018 for life cycle assessment and ISO 14067:2016 for product carbon footprints. Additionally, we incorporated product category rules (PCR) and life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) methods to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Our Value:

The calculated carbon footprint serves as a valuable tool for our client, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding raw materials that align with their environmental strategies. Moreover, this information can be leveraged for marketing purposes, emphasizing environmental and sustainable practices.