Home Projects CBAM: Assisting steel products manufacturer in compliance with new EU regulations

CBAM: Assisting steel products manufacturer in compliance with new EU regulations

Location :
Samutprakarn, Thailand
Industry :
Manufacturing (Downstream Steel Industry)
Service :
CBAM Compliance


The EU Commission has, as part of their missions to make the European Union climate neutral by 2050, made its Fit for 55 policy proposals to turn this ambition into reality. A part of this is CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism), where the EU intends to put a fair price on the carbon emitted during the production of carbon intensive goods that are entering the EU, and to avoid carbon leakage. Once the CBAM comes into force, importers into the customs territory of the EU must pay for their GHG emissions through the CBAM certificate, which is priced based on the embedded emissions of their imported goods. Green and Blue Planet Solutions Co., Ltd (GBP) was hired by a Thai Manufacturer of steel butt weld fittings, to assist them in CBAM compliance. The client has measured and calculated the carbon footprint of the product for the first time in accordance with CBAM rules.

Our Approach:

Our consultants conducted an on-site inspection of the client’s factory to properly understand the production process, how to define the installation’s boundaries, and which factors to take into account when calculating the emissions for CBAM reporting. Throughout the entire project, weekly meetings were conducted for both parties to give feedback regarding the process. Upon completing the submission of the emissions to EU importers, GBP hosted workshops for the staff to ensure they will be CBAM compliant in the future. The Monitoring Methodology Document (MMD) was also established to lay out how the monitoring of emissions will be conducted, together with suggestions for future improvements in the CBAM handbook.

Our Value:

CBAM was only introduced a few months ago and several companies are still lacking knowledge in how to properly adapt. GBP assisted the client to respond to their customers in EU by establishing an emissions monitoring system, which helped them in being CBAM compliant, and may be used in the future for other emissions tracking schemes, such as carbon footprint of product.