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Case Study: Chemical Compliance for Hazardous Substance Importer

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Import of Dangerous Goods
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Chemical Compliance


Our client, a Japanese industrial printer manufacturer, expanded their business in Thailand by establishing a branch  for import, sale, distribution and customer support. Some of the ink products used for their printer contains hazardous substances regulated by Hazardous Substance Act. Chemical composition and manufacturer’s information are a trade secret for our client.

In principle, 100% chemical composition and manufacturer’s information shall be disclosed for import to Thailand. Or the importer shall pass the CBI (confidential business information) process, which is somewhat complicated and time-consuming. Overseas manufacturer’s understanding and cooperation is indispensable to successfully complete the CBI process.

Our Approach

 To import a hundreds of ink products with their trade secret undisclosed, we coordinated the CBI process among the head office in Japan, Thai branch, and many OEM manufacturers of various inks worldwide. We clearly explained the detailed process of CBI to OEM manufacturers who concern about their trade secret.

We also provided consulting support for product registration and import license application for Type-3 hazardous substances.

Our Value

 We enabled our client to import all industrial ink products while their trade secret was undisclosed. At the same time, our client complies with a variety of requirements under Hazardous Substance Act.