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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring of Chemical Factory

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Environmental Site Assessment


Our client, a Japanese chemical company, established new factory in Map Ta Phut, Rayong province in East Thailand.  As the Ministerial Regulation issued under Factory Act requires soil and groundwater survey prior to the commencement of factory operation, we were commissioned to make a soil and groundwater contamination survey to comply with legal requirement.

Our Approach

Our team visited the site prior to the fieldwork to make a survey plan based on the regulatory requirement prescribed by Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Ministry of Industry. Following to the meeting with the client, we also visited and communicated with DIW to have their suggestions and opinions before we fix the site plan for fieldwork. In the fieldwork, groundwater monitoring wells were installed and soil and groundwater samples were collected accordingly. Test results were reported to our client and submitted to DIW eventually.

Our Value

Our qualified professional environmental engineer registered in the Council of Engineers Thailand, who holds a certificate to supervise groundwater well drilling works under Groundwater Act, managed the project at the site for quality assurance. Map Ta Phut petrochemical complex is one of the environmental hot spots in Thailand. As is the survey conducted before factory operation commenced, any environmental concerns and facts were recorded and documented with evidences for the benefit of our client.